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Margot Yale in 1994.

Margot Yale is an Assistant District Attorney in New York and an advisor to the NYPD Gargoyle Taskforce. She is currently married to Brendan Quarters.


Margot was born in 1962. [1]

Since 1994, Margot and her husband have sighted the gargoyles on numerous occasions, much to their alarm. The first time was when Goliath saved them from being mugged by three criminals. On later occasions, the gargoyles have had other encounters with them; Goliath jumped on the hood of their car while fighting Fox in her were form, the Manhattan Clan rescued them from bank robbers who were holding them hostage, and again from muggers while they were riding the subway. Even when they were on holiday at Loch Ness, Scotland, they ran into the Avalon world tour travelers, and their tour boat was attacked by Sevarius's miniature submarine. ("Awakening: Part Three", "Eye of the Beholder", "City of Stone" Part One, "Hunter's Moon" Part One, "Monsters")

Margot (dressed as a 1920's flapper) and Brendan (dressed as a... thing!) at Xanatos's Halloween 1996 Masque.

After the gargoyles were exposed to the world in late 1996, Margot appeared on Nightwatch as part of a debate on the "gargoyle problem", arguing against Lennox Macduff. She wanted the gargoyles locked away to contain them, believing them to be merely savage monsters with no sentience (despite all the times she's been saved by them). Later that year on Halloween, Margot and Brendan attended Xanatos's Masquerade at the Eyrie Building. There, Margot, who was costumed as a flapper, talked to Lexington, and even complimented him on his costume (thinking he was a human in disguise). ("The Journey", "Masque")

As an advisor to the NYPD Gargoyle Taskforce, A.D.A. Yale notified Matt Bluestone in May 1997 of the taskforce's sudden budget increase from a mysterious benefactor on the evening the 23rd Precinct celebrated its reopening. Goliath would, in fact, be captured by the Gargoyle Taskforce later that night. ("Invitation Only", "Tale Old as Time", "Render Unto Caesar")

The following morning, as Assistant District Attorney, Margot Yale argued before the New York City Criminal Court that the gargoyle lacked 'human rights' and therefore had no legal standing. Judge Ian Roebling ruled that the court would determine Goliath's sentience and whether or not he did have legal rights. ("Render Unto Caesar", "Underwater")

During the hearing's preliminaries on May 16th, Margot scoffed at Tobe Crest's motion to hold the hearing at night so that Goliath could participate in his defense. While Yale argued that bringing "a dangerous monster" was just a theatrical ploy, Judge Roebling agreed with Crest, who argued that determining Goliath's sentience was no different than a competency hearing. In contrast, Margot didn't object to the motion of having the hearing being televised. ("Your Witness")

On May 19th, 1997, Margot Yale wasted no time cross-examining Crest's first witness, Halcyon Renard. Despite his initial testimony asserting Goliath's "integrity and restraint", Yale revealed before the court that the Cyberbiotics CEO was, in fact, also the GTF's primary benefactor. When Goliath himself took the stand, Margot tried her best to get a rise out of the gargoyle, accusing him of waiting for his chance to exact vengeance on humanity for what they did to him and his kind. While Goliath admitted to growing angry at the insinuation, he explained how he wouldn't lose his control. Yale changed tactic and explained that many humans would have wanted revenge if they were in Goliath's position, but Goliath disagreed, explaining that their ways were not humanity's ways. Conceding that distinction, Margot wondered aloud how a gargoyle could ever qualify for human rights. On that note, Margot ended her questioning. ("Your Witness")

On the second night of Goliath's Hearing, Margot Yale called Dr. Rostam Vaughn to the stand, intending the medical expert would assert the key anatomical differences between gargoyles and humans. Tobe Crest quickly objected to her questioning, telling the court that it had already been stated that the two races were different species. She then called on John Castaway, whose testimony challenged Goliath's historical narrative regarding gargoyle persecution. Finally, she called Rikers Island Guard Renqvist, who detailed the events of Goliath breaking free of his cell when the Pack attacked the prison. During her redirect, she asked Officer Renqvist why he still clutched to Goliath's Shock-Collar control, even though Goliath saved his life. Renqvist admitted he was still afraid of the gargoyle. ("Your Witness")

When Tobe Crest called his rebuttal witness, Detective Elisa Maza, to the stand, Margot Yale asked if Goliath's role in aiding her apprehending criminals was ever reported to the press or disclosed to her superior, Captain Maria Chavez. Elisa admitted she kept his role – his existence, in fact – a secret to both. Yale then illustrated that Elisa kept this secret even when Chavez appointed her to the Gargoyle Taskforce. Accusing Elisa of being "unhealthily obsessed with a monster" after the detective testified her love for Goliath, Margot then considered Elisa's testimony about lying to her fellow police officers. Directed by Judge Roebling to return to her line of questioning, Margot asked Elisa why should anyone trust not only her testimony, but her judgement. Elisa didn't answer, and Roebling excused the witness. In her closing statement, Margot argued that it was "outside the scope of this court to rewrite the definition of humanity." ("New Rules")

When Judge Roebling began to share his ruling, Margot initially appeared confident in the outcome. It is not clear how she reacted when Roebling did declare that "gargoyles qualify for the same rights as any human." ("New Rules")

It's unlikely Margot will give it a rest anytime soon.


Margot Yale is very dismissive and condescending to her husband, Brendan Quarters, as well as to people or groups she disagrees with, such as Macbeth on Nightwatch.

Like her husband, Margot is a protestant Christian. [2]



The Goliath Chronicles

Margot Yale acted on her hate at least twice such as when she prosecuted Goliath for armed robbery, but he was acquitted when he captured the true felon. ("And Justice For All")

Finally, she had her opportunity to incarcerate the surviving Gargoyles when it appeared the majority of the Clan was murdered in a grand trap designed by John Castaway. However, while Yale was accompanying Angela and Bronx (who were prisoners) on a passenger train, the Quarrymen, led by Castaway himself, attacked. When the Quarrymen made the train race out of control to kill everyone on it, Yale was stunned to see the Manhattan Clan, including the members who secretly survived, vow to save the train rather than escape. When they were successful, Yale had Castaway arrested and dropped all charges on the Clan while praising their heroism to the media. ("Angels in the Night")

Voice Actor: Tress MacNeille

Production Background

Voice Actor: Marina Sirtis Voice Actor: Tress MacNeille (The Goliath Chronicles)

Greg Weisman has said, about Margot's casting: "In my mind, Margot is always played by Marina. Tress is a wonderful actress of course, but Margot is Marina." [3]