Fake Mutate Antidotes

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The fake mutate antidotes were two serums created by Anton Sevarius.

The first fake antidote was part of a ruse by Sevarius and Xanatos after Derek Maza was injected with the mutagenic formula. As Sevarius was about to inject the “antidote” into Derek, Goliath, Brooklyn, and Lexington burst in. Lexington threw a commando who collided with Sevarius causing the vial that contained the serum to shatter. ("Metamorphosis")

Xanatos later told Talon that the first antidote was a placebo.

The second antidote was created under duress by Sevarius in the Cyberbiotics lab when he was abducted by Goliath. The cure being genuine was doubtful for several reasons since Sevarius himself said that his notes were not with him and that the conditions were really primitive. Also, that he wanted Talon to drink it instead of Maggie led others to believe it was poison. What became of this potentially second fake antidote is unknown. ("The Cage") [1]