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General Store is the name of Mr. Jaffe's grocery store.


How long General Store has been open is unknown, but it has been open since Matt Bluestone was a boy.

The neighborhood the store is located in is a high crime area. However, Mr. Jaffe keeps the store open so the people in the neighborhood will have a place to buy groceries.

The store has been a target for armed robbery, Fox in her werefox tearing up the inside and breaking the front window, and threats for protection money from Tony Dracon for protection money and later more damage when Dracon’s men fired their particle beam weapons in the store. ("Reawakening", "Eye of the Beholder", "Protection")

The General Store may have an upper level and it is well stocked. It sells large bags of flour and potatoes that have been used as weapons. The first time when Elisa used a bag of flour against Fox in the latter’s werefox form and then the second time when Tony Dracon hit Elisa with a sack of potatoes in attempting to make a getaway.