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A werepanther is a human who can transform into a panther by means of magic.


Fara Maku and Tea Gora were both transformed into werepanthers by Anansi, Fara Maku directly and Tea through Fara Maku. In order to turn a person into a werepanther, one must place the Mark of the Panther upon that person; this usually has to be done by a werepanther, although a magical being such as Anansi can also accomplish it.

The transformation of a werepanther from human to panther form is generally activated by a state of anger. When the werepanther takes on panther-shape, he or she takes on the form of a normal panther, his or her garments blending into the fur of the panther's body.

The two known werepanthers at present are Fara Maku and Tea, who now serve as protector-figures in Nigeria. ("Mark of the Panther")

Apparently, each werepanther, in their panther form, can place the Mark on one other person. Tea has not done this yet. [1] Interestingly however, she did claw at Goliath, though either this didn't count as transferring the Mark or the magic doesn't translate to gargoyles. [2][3]

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