Battle of Rathveramoen

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The Battle of Rathveramoen

The Battle of Rathveramoen was a great battle fought in Scotland between the armies of Kenneth III (aka "The Grim") and the legions of Constantine III on October 18th, the night of the Hunter's Moon, in 997. [1]

Alongside some Scotsmen, Constantine had the aid of many Irish forces. This left the Grim's forces outnumbered, and so he made a bargain with a TimeDancing Brooklyn, who successfully managed to convince Demona and her clan to intervene and attack Constantine.

The battle was bloody and many humans -- including Maíl Brigti -- and gargoyles -- including "Sacrifice" -- perished when Brother Valmont briefly got ahold of the Grimorum Arcanorum and used it to rain down magical arrows on both armies. ("Tyrants") The horse, Magus, was also killed. Demona used the Grimorum Arcanorum to end the rain of arrows.

In the end, Kenneth III slew Constantine. ("Phoenix")

Shortly afterward, Kenneth III was crowned king of Scotland. [2]