Demona's Townhouse

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Demona's townhouse.
Demona's study.
The Front Door.

Demona's townhouse is a five story townhouse located in Gramercy Park, Manhattan. It was here that Demona summoned Puck and was given the gift of becoming a human during the day. ("The Mirror")

She has owned the house for decades. [1]


Demona's door knocker.
Demona's study with Titania's Mirror.

The townhouse is five stories tall; has a gargoyle-shaped door knocker; a two-car garage; a fountain; and is surrounded by a brick wall with two gates monitored by security cameras. The front door is also monitored by security cameras.

Demona summoned Puck through Titania's Mirror in her fifth floor study.


"Religious Studies 101: A Handful of Thorns"

In the Radio Play, Demona brought Eddie Brock, John Jameson, Dominic Dracon, and Cletus Kasady to the townhouse after breaking them out of Ravencroft. After her thieves delivered the Spear of Destiny to her, she used it to restore Eddie to being Venom, Jameson to being Colonel Jupiter, and here she used Cletus Kasady to create Carnage.