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DuckTales is a 1987 Disney animated show which ran on syndication from September 18, 1987 to November 28, 1990, later becoming part of the Disney Afternoon block. It also had a feature film, DuckTales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp The show was rebooted with the Disney XD premiere on August 12, 2017, and temporarily seeing episodes airing first on the Disney Channel before returning to it's original network where it's finale premiered March 15, 2021.

Both versions centered around the adventures of Scrooge McDuck and his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie based on the Uncle Scrooge comic books. They also included characters made for the show such as Launchpad McQuack, Mrs. Beakley and Webbigail Vanderquack (Webby for short).

Cast Members

The following Gargoyles cast members appeared in DuckTales (The 1987 and/or 2017 version). They are listed in alphabetical order.

Greg Weisman was the story editor for the 1987 series episodes "New Gizmo Kids on the Block", "Curse of the Metal Mites", "The Golden Goose, Part 1 and 2". He also worked a bit on "A DuckTales Valentine (Amour or Less)" and "Treasure of the Lost Lamp".[1]

Tad Stones also served as story editor to the Valentines Day special and voiced a security guard for the 2017 series episode "The Duck Knight Returns".

Bob Kline was a storyboard designer for "Treasure of the Lost Lamp".

Len Uhley wrote episodes 8, 36, 67-70 and 92-93.

References to Gargoyles in DuckTales

In 2017 series finale "The Last Adventure!" after being shot by the Blessed Bagpipes, Manny the Headless Man-Horse's statue head (resembling Scrooge McDuck's) becomes flesh, prompting Manny to declare "I live again", similar to Goliath stating "We live again". His body, however, turns to stone much like how gargoyles do during stone sleep.

Later in the episode, Manny is restored to life again (even restating such) and tosses his statue head to regrow his original, as well as wings and becoming gargoyle-like in the process before fighting the Phantom Blot. During the sequence, the Gargoyles theme briefly plays.

References to DuckTales in Gargoyles

Launchpad's phrase from the 1987 series "Any crash you can walk away from" was used by:

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