Eyrie Building Security Guard

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The Eyrie Building Security Guard.

The Eyrie Building security guard was stationed at the front desk in the Eyrie Building when Elisa Maza "badged" and sped past him on her way up to see the Manhattan Clan.

Some time later, a disguised Oberon entered. He objected to Oberon bringing Boudicca in, who was disguised as a large dog, stating that only guide dogs were allowed in the building. To get past him, Oberon performed the Avalonian equivalent of a Jedi Mind Trick on him to make him look the other way.

Additional Information

Although he worked security for Xanatos Enterprises, this security guard was probably not a member of the Xanatos Enterprises Security Force.

Greg Weisman has stated that Oberon saw Star Wars and may have thought Obi-Wan's name was a tribute to him. [1]


Production Background

Voice Actor: Charles Hallahan