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Dr. Jay Sato

Dr. Jay Sato is a human doctor in New York City.


In 1994, Dr. Sato was the doctor at Manhattan General who tended Elisa after Broadway shot her. ("Deadly Force")

Later in 1996, Dr. Sato was a guest at Xanatos's Halloween Masque party, and there, after being alerted by Brendan Quarters, he discovered the truth about the gargoyles. He soon tended to Goliath's extreme injuries after the gargoyle was near-fatally wounded by Thailog. ("Bash") [1]

Elisa later introduced Dr. Sato to the Mutates in the Labyrinth, where he examined Maggie's injuries, and advised her to find an O.B. ("The Rock")

Dr. Sato was paged back to the Labyrinth in May 1997 when Maggie went into labor. [2] Being a trauma surgeon, he reminded everyone he was happy to help but did not consider himself to be of much use under the circumstances. He was knocked out moments later when Maggie and the mid-wife, Mary, were abducted. The Manhattan ferried him the following night to both the Eyrie Building and Nightstone Unlimited when they were searching for Maggie, Mary, and Maggie's baby. ("Idyll or Nightmare", "Miracle Child")


Production Background

Voice Actor: Robert Ito

Jay Sato's first name has never been mentioned on screen. His first name was revealed in the script of the Radio Play presented at the 2007 Gathering of the Gargoyles and is thus canon-in-training. [3]

It's likely a coincidence that Dr. Sato shares the same last name as Walt Disney Animation Japan animator Roy Sato. [4]