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Kiron is a New Olympian, and member of the security forces that protect New Olympus.


Kiron was guarding the prison cells on New Olympus when Goliath arrived to free Elisa Maza. Goliath managed to knock him unconscious. ("The New Olympians")

Like most New Olympians, he is not very sympathetic towards humans and will become a member of Ekidna's isolationist faction after New Olympus makes contact with the outside world. [1]


Kiron is a centaur.


Real World Background

Kiron is named after Chiron, one of the most prominent centaurs of Greek mythology. Unlike most of the centaurs, who were a wild and unruly rabble, Chiron was wise and noble. He lived on Mount Pelion, and taught most of the great heroes of Greek mythology in their youth, including Jason, Asclepius, and Achilles. However, he came to a tragic end when Heracles accidentally shot him with one of his poisoned arrows. Since Chiron was immortal, he was unable to die from the wound, but was in constant, unending, excruciating pain. At last the gods took pity on him, and allowed him to die, but placed his image in the sky as either the constellation Sagittarius, the Archer, or Centaurus, the Centaur, depending on which version of the myth you read.

Production Background

Voice Actor: Frank Welker