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This is a canon-in-training article. Information in this article is subject to change before it becomes canon.

Tachi is a female gargoyle of the Manhattan Clan.


When Brooklyn returned to Manhattan with Katana, Nashville, and Fu-Dog in 1997, Tachi was still an unhatched egg, nicknamed Egwardo by Brooklyn. [1] The egg was placed in the rookery below Castle Wyvern and often guarded by the clan's beasts: Bronx and Fu-Dog. ("Phoenix", "Idyll or Nightmare")

Tachi will hatch in 1998. [2]

Since Tachi will be the only member of her rookery generation, it is somewhat likely she will be aware of her biological parentage (Brooklyn and Katana). [3]


Almost nothing is known about Tachi's physical features, though one can speculate that she will combine features of both of her parents.