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This is a canon-in-training article. Information in this article is subject to change before it becomes canon.

The Scone Clan was a clan of gargoyles in ancient Scotland in or near Scone.


Very little is known of the Scone Clan. It is possible, perhaps even likely, that they had contact of some sort with the Wyvern Clan and the Loch Ness Clan, and they almost certainly had a relationship with the local humans and perhaps the Stone of Destiny. Robbie, and probably Prince Malcolm with him, encountered the Scone Clan at least once by 967 and in that year commented that they were unlike the gargoyles of the Wyvern Clan who were "rougher" and "harder" than the Scone Clan. It is also possible that the Scone Clan already had named members at that point. [1]

It is hard to be certain at what point in time the Scone Clan became extinct (which was probably at the hands of humans). Since Robbie had encountered them by 967, they must've been around at least until the middle of the 10th century. By 997, when Brooklyn was carried to Scotland by the Phoenix, he was under the impression that Demona's Clan was the last gargoyle clan in Scotland. In 1040, Macbeth, Demona and several gargoyles from Demona's Clan arrived in Scone for the crowning of Macbeth as King. No mention was made of the Scone Clan, and from the talk between Demona and Macbeth about human/gargoyle relations in Scotland, it seems likely that Demona's Clan was the only gargoyle clan known to exist by humans in Scotland. Demona would tell Goliath many years later that the Hunter destroyed the last clan in Scotland in 1057, refering to her clan as the last just as Brooklyn had. Of course, both Demona and Brooklyn were wrong in this assumption since the Loch Ness Clan continued to exist in secret.

If the Scone Clan was still around by 995, they were unlikely to last much longer. In 995, Constantine initiated a plan to eradicate gargoyles from Scotland, so it is very possible, this clan, located near a major human settlement, was destroyed at that point. It is also possible that when the Scone Clan was destroyed some of the survivors joined Demona's Clan.


The physical characteristics of this clan are currently unknown.

Known Members

There are no known members of this clan.