Victoria Tower

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Victoria Tower is the tower at the southern end of the Houses of Parliament in London.


On the night of November 14-15, 1996, Hudson, Lexington, Griff, Constance, and Staghart kept watch from the Victoria Tower to keep David Xanatos from breaking into Westminster Abbey and stealing the Stone of Destiny, while Macbeth and King Arthur kept watch on the ground below. Here the gargoyles were attacked by Coldsteel, Coyote 5.0, a Steel Clan robot, and an Iron Clan robot; Coldstone and Coldfire came to their aid, forcing Coldsteel and Coyote to retreat (the Steel and Iron Clan robots were destroyed in the battle). ("Rock & Roll", "Rock of Ages").


Real World Background

Like the rest of the Houses of Parliament, the Victoria Tower was built between 1840 and 1860, to replace the original Houses of Parliament that had been destroyed by a fire in 1834. It forms the entrance to the House of Lords, and the Queen traditionally uses this entrance when attending Parliament. A flag flies from the top of the tower when Parliament is in session.