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Macbeth is crowned at Scone.

Scone is a village on the eastern coast of Scotland, a few miles north of Perth. The Stone of Destiny resided at Scone (where it was known as the Stone of Scone) for a period of about 450 years. The kings of Scotland, beginning with Kenneth mac Alpin in 843, were crowned upon the Stone at Scone, until the Stone was taken by the English in 1296. One of the Scottish kings crowned upon the Stone during its stay at Scone was Macbeth. ("The Rock", "Rock & Roll")

In the late 10th century, there was a Scone Clan of gargoyles, though as yet we know nothing about it. It was presumably destroyed by 1057. ("The Promise")

Real World Background

Scone was used as a royal residence and as the coronation site of Scotland's monarchs, as mentioned in Gargoyles. Its importance was such that Scotland was sometimes known as the "Kingdom of Scone" (in a similar way, Ireland was sometimes known as the "Kingdom of Tara").

As pictured in "The Rock", Scotland's kings were actually crowned on a traditional coronation mound, known as Moot Hill. The Stone of Scone was housed at Scone Abbey (which was founded as Scone Priory by King Alexander I between 1114 and 1122) until it was captured by King Edward I of England in 1296, as in the series.

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