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"Lefty" in 971.

"Lefty" was a male gargoyle in ancient Scotland and member of the Wyvern Clan. He is Mentor's Second. [1] He never had a true name, but "Lefty" is used to identify him.


At some point prior to 971, this gargoyle's right arm was severed. When Prince Malcolm and Robert asked Mentor to form an alliance between the clan and Malcolm's kin, "Lefty" was quick to remind his old friend Mentor that joining the humans in battle would result in casualties from all parties. Nevertheless, the alliance was formed and "Lefty" joined Mentor in planning the battle against Culen's forces and leading some of the clan into battle. ("The Reach")

When Culen took Angel as a hostage, Mentor signaled "Lefty" to follow Culen's forces. He located Culen's Mountain Stronghold and lead members of his clan and their human allies there in order to free Angel and defeat Culen. ("The Oath")

He later assisted in the construction of Castle Wyvern. ("The Promise")


"Lefty" was a pale blue colored gargoyle with a shock of red hair and only one arm. He is Angel's biological older brother. [2]


Production Background

As was custom for the Wyvern Clan in the 10th century, "Lefty" didn't have a true name. The name was used only in the scripts for the comics to differentiate this character from other gargoyles. It is never used in the the actual text of the Gargoyles: Dark Ages comics.