Culen's Mountain Stronghold

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Culen's Mountain Stronghold was a fortress that served as a base of operations for King Culen in his hostilities with the Three Brothers.


After Culen took "Angel" captive, "Lefty" followed the monarch's strategic retreat from Kenneth II's forces at Wyvern Hill to his Mountain Stronghold. The gargoyle rested in the mountains near the fortress for the day and, after sunset, reported back to the Wyvern Clan Culen's whereabouts. "Mentor" then instructed the Archmage to magically strike with a spell from the Grimorum Arcanorum. With Culen's soldiers distracted, "Mentor" and Goliath flew at the burning structure, rescuing "Angel" and Culen's infant son, Constantine from the flames.

When Robbie grimaced at the thought of Culen's men being burned alive, Goliath informed him that those who died in the mountain stronghold did not die from the fire itself. ("The Oath")

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