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This is a canon-in-training article. Information in this article is subject to change before it becomes canon.

Culen was King of Scotland from 966 to 971. He was mentioned in "Once Upon A Time There Were Three Brothers...".


Culen was the son of Indulf, born in 922. He helped his father usurp the Scottish throne in 954, upon Maol Chalvim I's death, but was forced to go into exile with him to Ireland in 962, after Princes Duff and Kenneth triumphed over him. In 966, however, Culen returned and overthrew Duff at the Battle of Gaine, seizing the Scottish throne. He held it until 971, when he was overthrown and presumably slain by Kenneth II and Prince Malcolm (with the help of the gargoyles of Wyvern Hill under Hudson). Culen was the father of Constantine III.


Real World Background

The royal family's family tree

Culen was an actual Scottish king, whose reign went pretty much in real history the way that it did in the Gargoyles Universe, minus the gargoyles' involvement. Little is known about him beyond the dates of his reign, and the fact that he was Indulf's son and Constantine III's father, however.

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