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"Chaw" and "Chomp".

"Chomp" was a gargoyle beast in ancient Scotland. He never had a true name, but "Chomp" is used to identify him.


"Chomp" was a member of the Wyvern Clan, hatched in 898. [1] He fought in the battle to overthrow the human King Culen, after his clan's Rhydderch made an alliance with Prince Malcolm. Like most of the Wyvern clan, "Chomp" helped in the construction of Castle Wyvern. He and his mate probably left to help form the Wyvern Splinter Clan. They and a handful of gargoyles escaped the fate of the rest of their clan. They later became part of Demona's Clan and fought in the Battle of Rathveramoen. ("Phoenix", "The Draw", "The Dream")

It is unknown what happened to "Chomp" after the Battle of Rathveramoen, though he is not among the gargoyles seen in Demona's Clan in 1020.


"Chomp" has fan-shaped ears, two small horns above his brows, and three spikes running along his back. His tail is very short. Like all male gargoyle beasts, his eyes are white with no visible pupils. Except for his red coloring, he closely resembles Bronx.

He is Bronx's biological father. [2]


Note: This character does not speak, therefore he does not have any lines.

Production Background

The name "Chomp" is used only in the scripts for the comics to identify this character and to avoid typing "Red Male Gargoyle Beast" over and over again.