Lightning Gun

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Macbeth's Lightning Gun

A "Lightning Gun" is the standard and distinctive weapon used by Macbeth. King Arthur once referred to it as a "Lightning Weapon". The device has yet to be given a more "technical" name. ("Pendragon")


Macbeth discharging the "lightning"

A "Lightning Gun" is an electromagnetic weapon with two electrodes that generate the charge. Macbeth uses it as his standard weapon, as did Banquo and Fleance when they were still under Macbeth's employ.

Elisa Maza took a lightning gun from Macbeth's collection in Paris and used it to temporarily kill Demona in order to save Demona and Macbeth's lives. ("Sanctuary")

Griff appropriated a lightning gun when he fought Macbeth and his stooges, and later used the same gun when he fought against Xanatos's Iron Clan robot in London, remarking that he should get Macbeth to give out the guns to every member of his clan. ("Pendragon", "Rock & Roll")

Xanatos's "Macbeth Robot" also used a "Lightning Gun", but he has not made use of the weapon elsewhere. ("The Price")