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Paris is a large city in Europe and the capital of France. Greg Weisman has hinted that Paris holds some special meaning for Demona. [1][2]


On April 7th, 1786, the curate of the Archbishop of Paris consecrated the Paris catacombs as tombs. [3] Nearly one hundred and eleven years to the day, forty-five members of the Paris orchestra would meet in the catacombs in full tuxedo to perform a concert. [4]

In 1832, the Revolution of the Barricades began. [5]

In 1920, Demona battled Fiona Canmore and Team Atlantis in Paris in a failed attempt to destroy humanity. ("The Last")

On the night of September 28, 1980, Paris was the site of Charles Canmore's battle with Demona and subsequent death. ("Hunter's Moon Part Three")

Fifteen years later, Demona and Thailog met here, and together founded Nightstone Unlimited and conspired against Macbeth - although the latter scheme was foiled thanks to Goliath and his companions when they came here on the Avalon World Tour. ("Sanctuary")

Paris is also the headquarters of the Redemption Squad, where they train together between missions. They have an underground base beneath the Eiffel Tower. The Squad's founder, the Director, also lives there. ("Estranged", "Losers")

At some point after 2198, the Notre Dame Clan of gargoyles will be founded here, living in Notre Dame Cathedral. Paris and the Cathedral will successfully win a bid to house the fourteenth gargoyle clan, made of members of all the thirteen clans preceeding it. The exact details for this are as yet unknown. [6]

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