Saint Damien's Cathedral

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Saint Damien's Cathedral.

Saint Damien's Cathedral is a cathedral in New York City, slated for demolition in 1996.


The Cathedral was initially condemned as unsafe on May 15, 1996. [1]

It was the site of the final battle between the Manhattan Clan and the Hunters, and of Goliath's foiling of Demona's "Operation Clean Slate." ("Hunter's Moon Part Three") Demona returned to the Cathedral briefly on Halloween, 1996 to recover the crystal inside the Praying Gargoyle. ("Invitation Only")

On the night between November 5 and 6, 1996, Thailog, Brentwood, and Shari visited the Cathedral for an as-yet-unknown purpose. [2] While Thailog and Brentwood searched the Cathedral for something, Shari told them more about the history of the Stone of Destiny. ("The Rock")

Saint Damien's Cathedral after the Hunter's crashed their airship into it.