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The female commando was, along with Bruno, a member of the "Xanatos Goon Squad".


In 1994, she participated in a staged raid on the Eyrie Building as part of Xanatos's scheme to trick the gargoyles into stealing three data discs from Cyberbiotics. ("Awakening Part Two")

Later on, she was part of a mission to scare Goliath into going along with Xanatos's request, and attempted to kill Elisa Maza in the process, but was defeated by the detective. ("Awakening Part Four")

She was later assigned to Gen-U-Tech and was attacked by Maggie the Cat when she escaped the laboratory. ("Metamorphosis")

Finally, she was sent to Loch Ness in Scotland with the rest of her team to assist Anton Sevarius in capturing the Loch Ness Monsters. She, along with the rest of her team, drowned when Nessie and Big Daddy sank their submarine. Bruno was the only survivor. ("Monsters") [1]


Production Background

Voice actor: Kath Soucie (uncredited) [2]