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Force Fields are energy-shielding systems that can contain or keep out individuals and objects, whatever the intention. While some have long used this technology, in the modern world, it is still understood as considerably advanced.

New Olympus

Inside the Prison.

New Olympians have long had such technology, and regularly use it to incarcerate their prisoners. ("The New Olympians")

Nokkar's Ship

The bridge of Nokkar's ship.

Nokkar's spacecraft was outfitted with similar technology to hold prisoners captive and suspended in the air. ("Sentinel")

Eyrie Building

The building's entrance (being protected by the force field.

The system that Owen Burnett prepared as a precaution to Oberon's arrival and eventual attacks. As Puck, Owen understood that such technology would be effective against the Third Race because in the end, "energy is energy". Unfortunately, the shields only went down to the street level, and Oberon was able access the skyscraper through its underground foundations. ("The Gathering" Part One, "The Gathering" Part Two)

The Great Minds Protocol

As a nod to its origins from Xanatos Enterprises, Thailog dubbed his defenses for the Nightstone Unlimited Building the "Great Minds Protocol". While rescuing Maggie the Cat and her child (and Mary), David Xanatos quickly disarmed the shield given that he knew the weaknesses to the stolen technology. ("Miracle Child")