Brendan Quarters

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Brendan Quarters

Brendan Quarters is Margot Yale's husband.


Brendan Quarters was born in 1962. [1] Like Margot, Brendan has encountered the gargoyles many times, alongside her, and appears to be fairly scared of them. His occupation is currently unknown. [2] He is frequently subjected to Margot's sharp tongue, and seems to be quite the henpecked sort.

Brendan may not be as hostile towards gargoyles as his wife. When Thailog stabbed Goliath during the Halloween Masque at the Eyrie Building, Brendan, who was costumed as a gargoyle, witnessed the battle and alerted Dr. Sato that somebody needed medical help. ("Bash") [3]

Like his wife, Brendan is a protestant Christian. [4]


Production Background

Voice Actor: Pat Fraley, Cam Clarke