Statue of Liberty

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The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a famous New York landmark, more accurately entitled "Liberty Enlightening the World".


The Statue of Liberty was the site of Goliath and the Trio's first battle with Xanatos in his gargoyle exo-suit and the upgraded Steel Clan. Goliath drew the battle there (and thus out of the city) so as to continue the fight somewhere isolated. Shortly after the battle, Elisa Maza, Matt Bluestone, Travis Marshall and Derek Maza arrived on the scene in a Police Helicopter and discovered only the destroyed robots. ("The Edge")

In October 1996, during the time that the souls of "Othello" and "Desdemona" were housed in Broadway and Angela's bodies, they spent some time at the Statue of Liberty, during which time the soul of "Iago" soul, housed in Brooklyn's body, eagerly tempted them to stay in the two young gargoyles' bodies. ("Possession")


Real World Background

The Statue of Liberty was built by the French (designed by Gustave Eiffel – who also designed the Eiffel Tower – and Frederic Bertholdi) and given to the United States in commemoration of the French assistance to the American colonists during the Revolutionary War. It was raised on its present location on Liberty Island in 1886 and declared a national monument by President Calvin Coolidge in 1924.

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