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Alesand in 971

Alesand was the Captain of the Guard's child who lived in the 10th Century. By 971 AD, she was more (but not much more) than five summers old. She lived in the village of Wyvern, located down the Reach near Wyvern Hill, Scotland with her grandmother. ("The Reach")

When the humans allied with the Wyvern Clan and built Castle Wyvern, she explored the rookery and befriended some of the young gargoyles. ("The Promise")

Some time later, Alesand wrote down "The Tale of the Three Brothers", as it was first shared to her and the other Wyvern locals by Shahrizad, a player in a traveling acting troupe known as the Light-Bringers. ("The Reach", "The Draw", "The Oath", "The Promise")


Like her father, Alesand has grown up familiar with the local gargoyles and their customs. Even at a young age, she and her father attended a Wind Ceremony for the Wyvern Clan's fallen warriors. ("The Oath")

She was taught to read and write by Alexander, a gargoyle she befriended soon after Prince Malcolm and the Wyvern Clan's Rhydderch formed their alliance. ("The Reach", "The Promise")