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The Gargoyle Taskforce Badge.

The Gargoyle Taskforce, occasionally abbreviated to GTF, is a special division of the NYPD, established immediately following the destruction of the Clock Tower and Jon Canmore's subsequent blaming of the gargoyles for that incident, which revealed their existence to the human populace of New York City.


Full GTF Tactical Gear.
Bluestone and Morgan stand over Goliath.

Placed under the command of Matt Bluestone, the GTF was assigned the task of hunting down and capturing or at least countering the gargoyles. In October 1996, the Gargoyle Taskforce surrounded Saint Damien's Cathedral during the gargoyles' battle with the Hunters there, but Matt prevented it from attacking until it became clear that the frightened citizens watching on the sidelines would riot if he did not act. Fortunately, Xanatos rescued the gargoyles just as the Taskforce was about to strike. ("Hunter's Moon" Part Three)

Despite failing to capture the gargoyles, the Gargoyle Taskforce remained operational. All police members were part-time (with the Mayor and Chief of Police still working out the budget). Matt's leadership kept it from being a serious menace to Goliath and his clan for most of the following year. ("Invitation Only")

In May 1997, after Halcyon Renard donated a substantial amount of money, equipment, and resources to the GTF, the division made a move against the gargoyles. Using several helicopters, stun nets, and restrainsts, they captured Goliath in Central Park and took him to be imprisoned at Rikers Island. ("Render Unto Caesar")

In order to ensure that a gargoyle would not to be considered a danger before the court, the Taskforce was also present at Goliath's Hearing. Shortly after Goliath's release, the gargoyle was invited to join the Gargoyle Taskforce – a press conference was held where Captain Chavez gave him a badge. ("Your Witness", "Cold Comfort")


Members of the Gargoyle Taskforce.
Goliath joins the Gargoyle Taskforce.