Gargoyles: Volume 1-4 (VHS)

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In October of 1995 and April of 1996, Disney released episodes from The Thrill of the Hunt up to Reawakening on VHS. The following releases were titled:

  • Gargoyles Volume 1: The Hunted
  • Gargoyles Volume 2: The Force of Goliath
  • Gargoyles Volume 3: Deeds of Deception
  • Gargoyles Volume 4: Brothers Betrayed


Stone by day, alive by night, the Gargoyles are stronger, braver, more fantastic than any superhero you've ever met! Strangers in a strange city in a time not their own, they are determined to defend the innocent. But can they hide forever? Are there any humans they can trust?

Volume 1: The Hunted (released October 1995)

In The Thrill of the Hunt, the evil Xanatos wields his incredible power from his jail cell! He taunts the Pack - popular heroes of a TV show and highly trained mercenaries off-screen - into finding the Gargoyles, especially their leader Goliath!

Then, in Temptation, Demona convinces Brooklyn that Goliath needs a magic spell of truth to realize humans and Gargoyles can never be friends. But after Brooklyn lures Goliath to her, Demona has a very different spell in mind!

Volume 2: The Force of Goliath (released October 1995)

In Deadly Force, the streets of New York just got a whole lot meaner. A laser-weapon shipment has been hijacked, and before Elisa can prove who did it, she's wounded with her own gun. And now, whoever's responsible must face the wraith of Goliath!

Then, in Enter Macbeth, Xanatos wants the Gargoyles out of his castle and calls on Macbeth, a mysterious man with an ancient grudge against Demona. To get to her, Macbeth captures the Gargoyles - not realizing that Demona won't lift a talon to save them!

Volume 3: Deeds of Deception (released April 1996)

In The Edge, urban myth becomes urban reality when Xanatos fearing he's lost his edge, impersonates Goliath and terrorizes Manhattan. But before the Gargoyles are hunted down like animals, Goliath wages a war of his own atop the Statue of Liberty!

Then, it's a Long Way to Morning after Demona wounds Goliath, and Hudson must protect him from her until the stone hibernation can heal his friend! Except Hudson, tormented by ancient flashbacks, is now losing confidence that he has what it takes!

Volume 4: Brothers Betrayed (released April 1996)

In Her Brother's Keeper, Elisa is furious when her brother Derek becomes Xanatos' personal pilot and bodyguard. Making matters even worse, the Pack is after Xanatos with a vengeance, putting Derek in a very, very bad place! It's up to Goliath and the Gargoyles to save him - if they can!

Then in Reawakening, neither science nor sorcery has helped Xanatos and Demona defeat Goliath. So they combine these forces and create a monster from the stone remains of a long-dead Gargoyles - Goliath's brother!


Each video runs up to 44 minutes. While each episode is aired separately (as opposed to movie format), the opening theme is only shown before the first episode on the tape, with a single ending credit incorporating information from both episodes. Before the second episode of each tape, is a narration providing minor story info for the episode.

Each episode remains unedited (except for the removal of the Previously on Gargoyles segment for Enter Macbeth).

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