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The Labyrinth Clan

The Labyrinth Clan is a clan of gargoyles and mutates who live amongst the homeless humans in the abandoned Cyberbiotics facility known as the Labyrinth since 1996.


In 1996, Demona staged her own capture in order to steal the genetic material of four members of the Manhattan Clan: Hudson, Brooklyn, Lexington, and Broadway. During this time, Demona attempted to persuade her daughter Angela to join her in her quest against humanity. To accomplish this, Thailog and Demona (working with Anton Sevarius), devised a plan for her to be captured by the Manhattan Clan, and to be kept as a prisoner in the Labyrinth so that she could collect DNA samples from each clan member using robotic mosquitoes. After several months, Thailog came to free Demona, who in turn freed Fang, who was a prisoner in the cell beside her, saying that he was annoying, but he might come to be of some use.

Goliath and Talon tracked Demona and Thailog to an abandoned fun house on Coney Island, whereupon the clones revealed themselves to their prospective genetic donors. After Goliath and his clan were captured, Thailog ordered Demona to kill Angela, a command she refused to fulfill. At this point, Thailog revealed that he suspected that she would betray him and brought to light his gargoyle-human hybrid clone of Demona and Elisa Maza: Delilah. Demona released the Manhattan Clan, and after a struggle, the Manhattan gargoyles defeated their clones. Meanwhile, Demona fought Thailog atop a roller coaster which caught on fire and collapsed; both appeared to have perished in the crash, but in fact they survived.

As the Manhattan Clan was unsure of what to do with the clones, and did not wish to accept them into their clan, Talon volunteered to take them to the Labyrinth and teach them to think for themselves "and use verbs." ("The Reckoning")

On Halloween of 1996, Thailog returned to the Labyrinth and attempted to take command of the clones as part of his plan to stage a fight with the Manhattan clan and once again extract DNA samples from them. The clones once again fought with their counterparts under Thailog's orders, but in the end they chose for themselves what they wished to do. Delilah, clearly the most articulate and thoughtful of the clones, chose to return to the Labyrinth, and her "brothers", Burbank, Malibu, and Hollywood, decided to go with her. Brentwood chose to follow Thailog and left the Clan. ("Masque", "Bash")

It seems likely that Delilah will in time become leader of this Clan. Though not enemies, the Labyrinth Clan and the Manhattan Clan are not strong allies and they have different priorities. This explains, in addition to their eventual increased sizes, why two clans in such close proximity choose to remain separate even after many years. [1][2] Furthermore, there seems to exist some friction between the two; Lexington said the clones could not join the Manhattan Clan because they "kinda give him the creeps". It is unknown if any members of these two clans became couples prior to Samson and Delilah.

The Labyrinth Clan will come to be the home of other individuals created or mutated through cloning and genetic engineering and they will protect and shelter the homeless, outsiders, and misfits that have no where else to go. [3] The Clan will become one of the ten founding clans of the Gargoyle Nation. [4]

By 2198, the Clan will have grown and there will be rumors that cloning still continues there. The leader of the Labyrinth Clan and the Clan's eggs will be kidnapped by the Space-Spawn when they attack Queen Florence Island. [5]


The clones of the Labyrinth Clan are genetic copies of the Manhattan Clan, with the exception of Delilah, and as such share the characteristics of the Manhattan Clan, except color. They also have certain oddities such as white mouths with black teeth (and perhaps bones). Some descendants will continue to have small amounts of human DNA in them, well aware of the Clan's history and origins. [6] The Labyrinth Clan, however, lacks any gargoyle beasts. By 2198, however, the clan will acquire gargoyle beasts, but it is not known how or exactly when. [7]

The Labyrinth Clan isn't currently structured like a typical gargoyle clan. Talon was not chosen to lead by a former leader, but was seemingly elected to the position. Furthermore, he has no official second-in-command, though he probably assumes that Thug, Maggie, Claw or possibly even Delilah would be elected to fill his shoes should the need arise. [8] It is also uncertain if the Labyrinth Clan will practice other gargoyle customs, such as mating for life or having a rookery. [9]

Known Members



Note: Humans such as Al and mutates such as Thug, Erin, and Benny live and work in the Labyrinth, but it is unclear if they are considered members of the Clan.

Former Members

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The Goliath Chronicles

Talon arrived at Castle Wyvern to inform the Manhattan Clan of a disease that the Clones had contracted. The clan volunteered to work with Anton Sevarius in order to donate DNA to help the clones. Sevarius instead used the DNA to awaken his newest creation, a giant gargoyle that he named Little Anton. After a scuffle involving the clan, Little Anton, Sevarius, and Thailog, the clones (including Thailog and Little Anton) succumbed to the disease and permanently turned to stone. ("Genesis Undone")