Shadows of the Past

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"Shadows of the Past" is the thirty-seventh televised episode of the series Gargoyles, and the twenty-fourth episode of Season 2. It originally aired on November 23, 1995.


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In this episode we see Wyvern Hill for the first time since Castle Wyvern was relocated to Manhattan in "Awakening Part Two".

The Archmage's Cave appears in this episode, having previously appeared in "Long Way To Morning" and during the Archmage's time travelling in "Avalon Part Two".

When Goliath and his companions explore the Archmage's Cave, Goliath unearths a battle-axe left over from the Viking encampment long before. This same axe will later on play a major role in "Vendettas" (though Greg Weisman now regrets making it an axe, wishing that it had been the mace Hakon used during the Wyvern Massacre instead). [1]

Hakon and the Captain of the Guard appear together for the first time since they fell to their deaths in "Awakening: Part Two", although the Captain appeared in flashbacks in "Long Way to Morning" and "City of Stone Part One". The Captain of the Guard "ascends" at the end of this episode, having found peace. Hakon next appears in "Vendettas".


Alongside the appearance of a "zombified" Demona in the cavern where the megalith stands, there is also, earlier, a glimpse of ghostly images of Demona, Othello, and Desdemona (speedily replaced - though Goliath does not know it - by Hakon and the Captain of the Guard, to show the true culprits behind the hauntings).

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