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Gargoyles #4

Masque is the fourth issue of the Gargoyles comic by SLG, and Chapter Four of the Clan-Building story arc.


Thailog's back in town! In an adventure that takes us from the Labyrinth to the Eyrie to the White House, the evil clone of Goliath is determined to collect on his debts. Can the scattered clan come together in time to stop Thailog and save Goliath? And does Goliath want to be saved, now that Elisa has broken his heart?



This is another good issue for cameos: we see Billy and Susan from The Thrill of the Hunt, their mother (who's nervously eyeing a couple of Quarrymen - is she having second thoughts about the organization?), Jeffrey Robbins, Gilgamesh, Brendan, Margot, Officer Morgan, and Judge Roebling from Vows.

The most intriguing cameo, however, comes from Billy and Susan's friend Terry. In the White House scene later on, Xanatos is talking to an "Ambassador Chung", who mentions that she has a son named Terry trick-or-treating in New York. Clearly the two Terrys are the same - which suggests that he is none other than the Terry Chung who would have been one of the leads in the New Olympians spin-off. Since the Terry of #4 is apparently a pre-teen, while the Terry of the New Olympians spin-off had just graduated from MIT at the beginning of the story, the spin-off is probably not due to take place in the Gargoyles Universe for several years.

We finally learn Brendan's surname: Quarters. (He and Margot get into another quarrel; this time, it's because Margot is indignant about Brendan taking the unimaginative step of dressing up as a gargoyle for Halloween, "the biggest cliche of the season".)

Broadway and Angela attend the masquerade party as the Cowardly Lion and Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz" (Angela even has a little stuffed Toto in her basket). Officer Morgan comes as Sherlock Holmes, and Elisa continues her habit (begun in Eye of the Beholder) of going as a Disney princess by dressing up as Jasmine from "Aladdin". (This probably has nothing to do with the comments by several Gargoyles fans that she looked eerily like Jasmine in the animation for the Goliath Chronicles episode Seeing Isn't Believing.) Lexington's costume is the most intriguing, however: he goes as his cybernetic self from Future Tense, presumably without being aware of the significance of it. (It's probably just as well that neither Goliath nor Owen notices that.)

(Also on the costume front, Billy and Susan go as Jackal and Hyena. Presumably their admiration for the Pack has survived its fall from a television super-hero team to a gang of super-villains.)

Susan, seeing Hudson for the first time, says "Nice mask" - a reference to Greg Weisman's "Nice mask" line in Awakening Part Two.

Ambassador Chung mistakenly believes that Alex is a year old or more, and is astonished to learn that he isn't even four months old yet. It is possible that Alex is growing faster than other babies due to being Titania's grandson, though this has yet to be confirmed.

This issue suffers from two technical flubs: the title was inadvertently left off of Page 5, and David Hedgecock is incorrectly credited with the title of "Pencil Artist". The Pencil Artist for this issue is guest-artist Nir Paniry.


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