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L to R: Brooklyn, "Brooksbro" and "Schnozz".

"Schnozz" was an unnamed male gargoyle in ancient Scotland.


Schnozz hatched in 958 as part of the Wyvern Clan. Among his rookery siblings were Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington. Sometime between 988 and 994, Schnozz left Castle Wyvern to help found a new clan. The new clan was destroyed sometime after, but Schnozz and a few other members of the clan managed to survive. [1] They later became the Lunfanan Cell of Demona's Clan.

In 997, Schnozz fought in the Battle of Rathveramoen where he encountered Brooklyn, his rookery brother. During the battle, Brooklyn called Schnozz "bro," acknowledging their family ties. Schnozz seemed confused by this moniker and Brooklyn, caught using a 20th century expression in 10th century Scotland, quickly explained that is was short for "rookery brother." Schnozz accepted this reasoning and returned the gesture of brotherhood. ("Tyrants", "Phoenix")

By 1020, Schnozz was one of just six remaining gargoyles in the Lunfanan Cell. Under Demona's leadership, his clan raided human food stores and farms to survive. In 1040, he survived an attack on the clan in their cave roost by Duncan and his men. The clan was forced to move to a new lair and a new territory. ("City of Stone Part One", "City of Stone Part Three")

Shortly thereafter, the clan assisted Macbeth in his battle against Duncan. After their victory, Macbeth placed the clan under his protection, hoping for a new golden age between humans and gargoyles.

Unfortunately, only seventeen years later, in 1057, the clan was at war with humans again, this time with Canmore and his English allies. Schnozz continued to fight alongside his clan. Sadly, Demona betrayed Macbeth to Canmore, giving Canmore the opportunity to betray her. Canmore and his men destroyed Schnozz and the rest of the clan, leaving Demona alone once more. ("City of Stone Part Four")


Schnozz was a red gargoyle. His most prominent feature is his long, beak-like nose. Unlike Brooklyn, he has a much smaller and more humanoid lower jaw. He has been known to battle using a spear in his youth and a sword and shield by 1057.


Production Background

The name "Schnozz" was only used in the scripts for the comics to help identify this character. It is never mentioned in the TV series or the actual text of the comics, since the character is nameless in the story. "Schnozz" clearly refers to this gargoyle's large nose.