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Bodhe in 1020

Bodhe was a Scottish human. He was of royal blood and though he never wore the crown of King, both his father and grandson and numerous relatives were Kings of Scotland.


Bodhe was born in 985 to Kenneth III. [1] As a boy, he fought beside his father at the Battle of Rathveramoen in 997, though he did not distinguish himself in the fighting, spending most of it fleeing from Gillecomgain. Bodhe had nearly lost his life in the battle and had seen many people die in the struggle. In the end, Kenneth, also known as "The Grim", defeated Constantine III and was crowned King and Bodhe survived to become a prince. ("Tyrants", "Phoenix")

A younger Bodhe in 997

Unfortunately, this did not last. A mere eight years later, Maol Chalvim II killed Bodhe's father and took the crown of Scotland. Bodhe survived this transition, but the experience deeply affected him. It all seemed meaningless when his father was killed by his own cousin. [2] These experiences turned Bodhe into a man that would rather sue for peace or surrender outright then engage in battle, preferring to appease an enemy rather than to resist one, and some have seen this as cowardice. [3][4] Following the death of his father, Bodhe settled into a quiet life in Scotland, choosing not to oppose his father's killer. He instead focused on his friendship with Findlaech of Clan Moray and raising his son MacBodhe and his daughter Gruoch.

In 1020, he was visiting Findlaech and his son Macbeth at Moray with Gruoch when the Hunter (who was secretly Gillecomgain) came to assassinate Findlaech. He did not act to aid his friend even when his own daughter ran to Findlaech and Macbeth's aid. ("City of Stone" Part One)

An older Bodhe in 1057

Twelve years later, Bodhe was willing to give Gruoch up in a loveless marriage to Gillecomgain (the man that nearly killed him decades earlier) when Prince Duncan ordered it to avoid conflict between his family and the crown. His daughter and Gillecomgain were married in 1032 until his death at which point she wed Macbeth. Shortly after, Bodhe's grandson Luach was born. The following year, MacBodhe was killed in a political coup, which further amplified his tendency to avoid conflict. Bodhe grew to feel a certain futility in battle, feeling that it caused nothing but death and destruction. [5] ("City of Stone" Part Two)

In 1040, King Duncan declared war on Clan Moray and Bodhe urged Macbeth to give himself up to Duncan in the hopes that Duncan would be merciful to Gruoch and Luach. After Macbeth defeated Duncan in battle, Bodhe advised him to execute the young Canmore, believing (correctly) the boy would one day be trouble; however, Macbeth refused to do so. ("City of Stone" Part Three)

Bodhe's actions helped bring about the tragic end to Macbeth and Demona's alliance in 1057, when he urged Macbeth to forswear his pact with Demona and her clan in the hopes that Canmore's English followers – who had (so Bodhe believed) invaded Scotland only to destroy the gargoyles there – would return home. This led to Demona's betrayal of Macbeth and Canmore's subsequent victory. After Macbeth's "death," however, Bodhe declared his grandson Luach King of Scotland, and stood by him thenceforth. ("City of Stone" Part Four)

Presumably, he was slain alongside Luach fighting against Canmore the following year. [6][7]


Real World Background

In real history, Bodhe was indeed Kenneth III's son and Gruoch's father, but we know little more of him beyond that. Greg Weisman has pondered whether he may have slandered Bodhe "worse than Shakespeare slandered Macbeth." [8]

Production Background

Voice Actor: Ed Gilbert

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