Nightstone Unlimited Building

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The Nightstone Unlimited building in Manhattan.

The Nightstone Unlimited Building is located in Manhattan, and is the corporate headquarters of Nightstone Unlimited.

As of Halloween 1996, Brentwood and Shari reside at the Nightstone Unlimited building with Thailog. ("Bash")

The Exterior

The Nightstone building is several stories high. While not a very tall skyscraper, it is still impressive.

The building features an angel shaped fountain in front, which creates a small moat that surrounds the building. A bridge over the moat allows people to enter and leave the premises.

The Laboratory

The laboratory's cloning tanks.

The Nightstone building has its own laboratory where Sevarius created Delilah, Brentwood, Hollywood, Malibu and Burbank and is seemingly at work on a new experiment involving gargoyle DNA that Thailog "acquired" from the Manhattan Clan. ("The Reckoning")

Within the lab, Demona kept her vault, where she hid the Praying Gargoyle, the CV-1000 Carrier Virus, stolen D/I-7 and statistical specs outlining Operation Clean Slate. ("Hunter's Moon Part Two," "Hunter's Moon Part Three")

It was here that Maggie the Cat gave birth to Michael Peter Maza. ("Miracle Child")


Dominique Destine's office.
Dominique Destine's office from another angle.

Dominique Destine kept an office there, which she has since abandoned. The office itself was decorated with a slight Asian flair. Thailog has also used this office. ("Hunter's Moon Part One") [1]

Private Chambers

Thailog's jacuzzi.
Demona and Thailog's "command center".
Thailog's chaise.

Behind Dominique Destine's office was a hidden command center. The purposes of the room are, as of yet, not known. ("Hunter's Moon Part One")

Thailog enjoys living in hedonistic luxury as evidenced by the chaise he keeps, as well as at least one jacuzzi. ("Reunion," "The Rock")


By 1997, an energy shielding system designed to prevent attacks and access to the building. The technology was stolen from Xanatos Enterprises by Thailog and dubbed the Great Minds Protocol. The shield was activated to prevent Talon and the Manhattan Clan from entering the building, but David Xanatos was able to quickly bring down the shield as it was his tech and he knew its weaknesses. ("Miracle Child")