Demona's Artillery

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Throughout the series, Demona has made use of several differing firearms when battling her enemies.

"Awakening Part Five"

Believe it or not, some women do really think a big gun is all you need.

After the Steel Clan were defeated, Demona attempted to murder Goliath with a high-powered bazooka. The attempt was foiled by Elisa Maza, and one of the castle's towers was destroyed instead.

"Long Way To Morning"

Demona using her particle beam blaster as a melee weapon

Demona used a poisoned tipped dart fired from a tranquilizer gun in an attempt on Elisa's life. Later on, she used a large particle beam blaster to shoot, and wound Goliath... perhaps mortally had Hudson not managed to keep him alive until sunrise.

As she battled Hudson, Demona lost her temper and, rather than fire her weapon, attempted to bludgeon Hudson to death with it instead. The next night, Hudson took the gun from her (she didn't resist) and he must have disposed of it.


Demona firing a particle beam.

Demona brought a high-powered particle beam cannon into battle, but was quickly disarmed by Brooklyn. But she got a hold of it again, and shot Coldstone with it (a blast meant for Goliath), knocking him into the frozen Hudson River. She lost the weapon again when Xanatos grabbed her as he rocketed away from the battle.

"The Mirror"

Demona taking aim.

Demona used a new particle beam blaster against the gargoyles-turned-humans. But, she was disarmed in battle, and the gargoyle-turned Elisa used the weapon against Demona.

"City of Stone Part Two"

Demona holds up a smaller particle beam while leaning against two statues that are not Brendan Quarters and Margot Yale. Nope, not them. She's a brunette, he's wearing a rug.

Demona made use of both a mace, as well as a lighter particle beam cannon when she was massacring humans that she turned to stone. She even used her cannon to blast the arms off one of them; the results come sunrise are unknown to us.

"High Noon"

Some teenagers probably found this bazooka.

Demona threatened Elisa with a bazooka at Belvedere Castle, calling her stupid for showing up unarmed. However, Macbeth goaded Demona into fighting Elisa hand-to-hand, and Demona tossed the bazooka to the floor.

After the battle, Demona and Macbeth fled, Coldstone went into self-imposed exile, and Elisa took a nap next to the stone gargoyles. The bazooka was, presumably left lying on the floor of Belvedere Castle out in the open. Whoops.

"Avalon Part Two" & "Part Three"

Demona firing off an animation error!

Under the control of the Weird Sisters, Demona was armed with a particle beam cannon, which she used to wound Ophelia, and to attack the Avalon Clan. But, when Elisa appeared, Demona threw down her weapon and attacked her. Princess Katharine picked up the weapon and used it to end the battle.


Punch-drunk with her husband's gun.

Demona used another particle beam cannon while battling Macbeth. She lost it in the battle when Macbeth shot at her in the ballroom. She then picked up Macbeth's own particle beam rifle before being shot by Elisa with one of Macbeth's lightning guns.

"The Reckoning"

Demona loves a man who brings her weapons.

Armed with another particle beam weapon, Demona was disarmed when she thwarted Thailog from killing Angela. The weapon was then given to Delilah, who also lost it.

"Hunter's Moon Part One", "Two", & "Three"

Death in both hands!

When Demona battle the Trio at one of Xanatos's warehouses, she was armed with a medium-sized particle beam cannon. She kept them at bay, hiding behind a car, until she increased the power setting to maximum and blew up the car with one shot. She was disarmed by Brooklyn, and the gun went off starting a fire and subsequently an explosion.

Later on, she invaded the Hunters' airship with a heavier weapon, but was surprised by Goliath who had also invaded the ship, and quickly disarmed.

Finally, she was armed with a particle beam cannon, which she used to stun Brooklyn before attempting to wipe out humanity.